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La siguiente información sobre franquicias de Lawn, Garden & Agricultural (patio, jardín y agricultura) se encuentra en inglés. En caso de que tenga alguna duda o requiera nuestra asistencia, no dude en contactarnos a

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Lawn, Garden & Agricultural: Donein1 Call

Done in 1 Call is a painting / handyman / remodel / janitorial / lawn services company. Incorporating and combining 5 separate but related services so that a homeowner / realty company / business owner can rely on one company to take care of all its daily / weekly / monthly/ yearly maintenance, remodeling, landscaping, touch-ups, etc.

Lawn, Garden & Agricultural: Nutri-LawnNutri-Lawn offers, sells and services franchises that provide programmed treatments of organic pesticide-free and traditional integrated pest management (“IPM”) lawn care (fertilizer and controls) to residential and commercial lawns. Many of our owner/operators provide additional services to the home owners relating to lawn maintenance, cutting, edging,etc.

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